I’ve always enjoyed writing in the workplace. I love choosing just the right words to communicate with a particular audience, whether I’m writing a letter, blog post, or even something as short as a tweet.

As a writer for your organization, my passion for communication will help you find the right words to reach your target audience. I have the vocabulary to make your message engaging and interesting for the readers you want to reach.

Proofreading & Editing

Do you ever make mistakes in spelling or grammar? It’s pretty common, especially when we are communicating casually.

In professional situations, errors are distracting for the reader and can leave them with a bad impression. Spell check can catch a lot, but it won’t always get that missing word, or notice the difference between “it’s” and “its”.

As your editor, I can save you precious time. I will make sure small mistakes don’t diminish the impact of your fantastic product or worthy cause.

If you need more in-depth editing services for style and logical structure I can do that too. My background in library work has also prepared me to research for you on a variety of topics.

Flat Rates

  • Blog post up to 500 words – $60.00
  • Blog post 500 to 1000 words – $110.00

Hourly Rates

  • Writing – $60.00/ hr
  • Major Editing + Reworking – $50.00/hr
  • Proofreading (grammatical edits only) – $25.00/ hr

Please contact me for estimates on other work. Note: all prices listed are in Canadian dollars.